PAMM Statistics

Updated at Nov 6, 2013
Average year -25%
Return over 7,5 m. -17%
Average month -2.3%
Last day 0%
Last month -19.4%
Last 3 months -24.6%
Last 6 months -18%
Max. Drawdown 29%
Worst day 7%
Max. leverage 1:66
Stand. deviation 6.6%
Downside Deviation 5.9%
Best day 8%
Volatility 4%
Return / Risk -0.9
Calmar ratio -0.0815
Sharpe ratio -0.4737
Sortino ratio -0.5357
Shvager ratio 1.27
Prefer horizon 3 m.
Longest drawdown 3 m.
Calculation period 7,5 m.
Trade days 82 (49%)
History 7,5 m.
Current stats
Drawdown 27% / 29%
Drawdown duration 3 / 3 m.
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