PAMM Ratings

In the ranking you see PAMM accounts of experienced Forex traders. You can invest in PAMM-accounts via the Internet and make money without trading personally.

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Simple rating

There ara PAMM-accounts of traders working in the Foreign Exchange market through the broker Alpari. You can invest in a manager’s PAMM-account in order to earn on his trade.

What accounts are presented in the rating?

In the rating there are the most promising and safest Alpari PAMM-accounts. Selection is made due to the manager’s experience, average return, use of the martingale, stop-losses, etc. A full list of accounts can be found in extended view.

Rating indicators

For every PAMM account risk and return rates are shown through the time. The period for which they are counted is also pointed out.

The return is net, taking into account manager’s fee payment. This is the average profit of an investor in the past. Note that this is not a guaranteed profit, but a probable one.

Risk is calculated by the maximum drawdown in the account history. 50% risk means that drawdown can reach a half of the invested amount. At this level, it is recommended to set a stop-loss.

How to choose a PAMM-account?

Above the rating table there are various filters. Choose the deposit amount, approximate horizon, currency and risk level, comfortable for you. The most suitable for you PAMM-accounts will be automatically found in the rating.

How to invest in PAMM-account?

You can start with a demo-investment in one PAMM-account or a portfolio of several. Demo-account allows you to monitor investments without risk to real money.

To invest real funds, you need to open an account with the broker. You can invest and manage investments online via the Internet. The minimum deposit amount is $10 or 10 euro.


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