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5 years

5 years

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25% trade days

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-6% per month

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-88% Worst day


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How to invest in the manager?

In order to put real money under a trader’s management, you need to open and replenish your investment account on the broker’s website. If you want to try investing without any risk, you can open a demo-account with virtual funds on our website.

  1. Click «Demo-Invest» next to a chosen PAMM-account, enter the amount of money and click «Save and track». After this a demo account will be created. The profitability data will be daily updated.
  2. To deposit real money, register on Alpari website and replenish your personal account with the amount you are going to invest. You can pay by Visa or Mastercard, e-money or bank transfer.
  3. Click «Invest real funds» on the page of demo-account. You will move to the Alpari broker website.
  4. Enter the amount of a deposit, choose a personal account from which funds will be transferred and click «Invest». A request for depositing funds will be created.

Once the request is executed, manager will start using your funds in his trade. You will be able to monitor profit, to deposit and withdraw funds in your personal account on the broker’s website.

What is an investment account?

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How to limit losses?

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When you register on Alpari website enter our Partner ID: 1201946 (an example).

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