Current Growth

Manager PAMM-Account Profit Invested Progress of the plan
Mar 12, 2014
net equity

  -20% 53 mo of 12

-8% +47%0%

net equity

  -93% 53 mo of 12

-40% +58%0%

net equity

  53 mo of 12 45%

-25% +79%0%

net equity

  53 mo of 12 70%

-24% +38%0%

Andrey Churyumov
net equity

  -97% 53 mo of 12

-39% +52%0%

Closed accounts

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Current Stats

Updated at Jul 17, 2024
Return -20%
Deposit period 53 mo
Average month -0.4%
Average year -5%
Max. Drawdown 24%
Stand. deviation 3%
Worst day 2.5%
Best day 4.7%
Volatility 0.4%
Return / Risk -0.2
Calmar ratio -0.0179

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Portfolio monitoring

Profit monitoring shows current return of accounts and portfolio since the start of investing. The data is updated once a day. Return and Profit

The first column shows the total profit and its growth for the last trading day both as a sum and as a percentage regarding the deposit amount. This is investor’s net profit.


Balance is the difference between deposits and withdrawals plus reinvested profit. Once in a month profit is automatically added to the balance. To fix the profit, withdraw all the money that exceeds invested amount.

Net equity — an amount that is currently on the account, including all profits and losses, deposits and withdrawals. This amount will be withdrawn if the account is closed at the moment.

Progress from the plan

If a portfolio has a plan, then the current progress is shown: the investment period and the current position regarding goal and risk. Progress shows clearly, for example, whether one should start worrying about the current level of drawdown.

Detailed information

Click «+» next to an account for opening a menu with detailed information such as the percentage of current profit or loss in an account regarding the whole portfolio, its purpose and risk. You can also withdraw funds, replenish or close the account.

How to change the portfolio?

In the menu of detailed information (see above) you can add operation of depositing, withdrawal and closing an account. One can make a request which will be executed on the nearest date of updating. No more than one operation can be done on the same date. Thus the second operation can’t be added till the first is executed.

You can also add or delete a PAMM-account, deposit or withdraw funds on the «Plan» page (press the «Edit» button). All the operations are performed virtually. In order to manage real money, deposits and withdrawals should be duplicated on the Alpari website.

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